The Small Business Spotlight: Third Space Theory Coffee

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Third Space Theory Coffee
712 Austin Avenue
Waco TX 76708

In this "Small Business Spotlight," presented by American Bank, Austin Meek of Waco Business News highlights Andreas Zaloumis of Thrst, or Third Space Theory, Coffee.

Andreas Zaloumis used to work at a Starbucks. He was off-put by the stock, impersonal nature of many of his interactions in the chain and decided there was a better way to engage. So, he partnered with downtown art gallery Cultivate712 to create a “third space,” an area that’s not home or work, where customers find connection, community, and, of course, craft coffee.

This "Small Business Spotlight,” co-produced by Waco Business News and KWBU, first aired on Friday, October 5, 2018, in Episode 50 of "Downtown Depot" on 103.3 KWBU-FM Waco.