1 Million Cups Waco: Week 2

Photo by Kristen Ritch/Waco Business News

Come for the free coffee, stay for the community.

After last week’s success, the second meeting of Waco’s 1 Million Cups chapter garnered a substantial crowd of entrepreneurs and other local Wacoans with the goal of building the Waco business community beyond financial growth into a community of ideas and goals.

This week, Talexis Talent Solutions and Interior Glow presented. 

Jennifer Branch, Director of Business Development at Talexis, has been in Waco for seven years, allowing her to see the growth of Waco’s economy firsthand. Branch introduced Talexis’s founder and CEO Joe Kistner, an industry veteran and entrepreneur. 

Talexis stands for Talent Experts Innovative Solutions. Their mission is “to ensure individuals and organizations succeed and grow together.” They utilize assessment tools not only to find good talent, but to retain, improve, motivate, and support existing talent. 

“We work with organizations to help them maximize their number one resource: their people,” Kistner said. “If we firmly focus on the individual’s success, the business will succeed.”

What can the community do for Kistner and Talexis? Support them with your social media presence—like them on Facebook and check out their latest live stream.

This Thursday, November 3rd, at 11:30 AM, the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a Networking Forum.

Photo by Kristen Ritch/Waco Business News

Presenting for Interior Glow was Bo Evans who calls himself “the press secretary,” while his wife, Alejandra Evans, is the president. Interior Glow is an interior design and decor shop focused on finding unique items from both local and international artisans, making many items in their shop one-of-a-kind. 

While Magnolia Market, commercial giant, is just three blocks from Interior Glow’s current location on 6th Street, Bo Evans believes that they carve out a separate niche in the market. Magnolia and other reputable home goods shops offer a rustic farm aesthetic, but Interior Glow’s originality makes it something that can work cohesively and in tandem with others rather than in competition. 

While the Evanses shop hosts items from across the globe, they recognize the importance of Waco and its charm. 

“People want more of Waco to take home with them. I think the things that represent Waco and Waco landmarks, those are what people want—both tourists and locals,” Bo Evans said.

And what can Waco do for Interior Glow? Support them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) and be sure to stop by their shop on the first floor of the Praetorian building on 6th and Franklin. Bo Evans would also like to see seminars for different business types pop up out of the 1MC community.

Watch the entire live feed of this morning’s event here. 1MC Waco’s next event will be on November 9th at 9AM in the Hippodrome featuring Refine31 Bike & Barre Studio and Home Grown Farm